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Who Am I? - GUFIT

My name is Daniel, Daniel Youssef. I am a 20 years old solo entrepreneur who founded GUFIT, and here is my story and how I started GUFIT.

Early life:

In Egypt, back in the day when I was 15 years old. Never been to a gym, skinny, insecure, and shy

I was blessed with a loving family and parents who raised me with manners and always were there for me

One day I got bullied for wearing ripped jeans and oversized clothing that made me look even more skinny.

It broke my heart when I realized that I just can't stand up for myself and that I need to take a firm decision with myself to fix this.

And here is were gym was introduced to my life and everything changed since then...


Finding my passion:

Day in, day out, eating, working out, not looking into mirrors. Just unleashing full potential. 

I fell in love with the process and see how a true commitment can unlock hidden potentials in me and reveal a whole other version of myself.

But that was not my passion...

I found passion in delivering this message to people and my community.

Eat better, workout, find your passion, 'BENCH HEAVY', Those were the main topics I talk about with my classmates. (Yes, bench heavy was my favorite)

At some point, I was able to bring over 30 of my friends to work out and have a healthy lifestyle. I became obsessed with the idea of making someone feel better.

Seeing beginners at the gym doing mistakes. I wouldn't go correct them. I'd rather go ask them to do a set with them and do it the right way. Wanting to help without hurting feelings.

And it kept going...


Idea was born:

At some point, I felt that I need to do something bigger, a reminder for my friends and people I know to deliver the same message. 

I wanted to start a clothing brand called 'I AM'. I was so excited to get it out


In Egypt, a 16 years old starting a clothing business is just not possible, no supplier would give me anything, no bank account, no idea how it works.

It just couldn't happen and I never gave up the idea until I made it to the U.S


Coming to the U.S:

On the 24th of February 2020, fourteen days after my birthday, my family and I were heading to the airport to take our flight to the United States of America

Coming for a better future and life.

Once there, in my aunt's car looking at the streets, first ever thought in my head was 'This place is so beautiful, I have to put my own footprint and touch, one day...'


My 17th birthday


New Challanges:

First, COVID. Gyms were all closed, and my first thing in mind was to get my gym membership to start working out and meeting new people.

I ended up buying a pair of dumbbells and a band and did all my workouts, I even did 300 push-ups a day 3x 100 a day

The second is the lack of transportation. Being 17 makes me ineligible to test for a driver's license without a driving school which was closed due to COVID. Had to wait until I would turn 18 to be able to drive

3 months in, thriving to achieve my dream and Gear Up Store was live online, I couldn't believe I had finally done it! 

Eventually, I realized that a print-on-demand clothing brand is not a big risk, I am limited with products and designs and that's when big decisions were made.


GUFIT was born: 

I found that the only way to create a real authentic brand was having my own clothing line and take the time to design, source, market, and brand the business.

That's when Gear Up store was not suitable and squeezing the name down to GUFIT was the way to go. FIT stood for the fit you wear and your fitness level.


What is IMU?

Inspire, Motivate, Unleash Full Potential. The message that I always thrived to deliver years prior.

Eventually I decided to change the words to become more memorable and it was Active, Motivate, Appreciate

You Inspire and Motivate others by leading them as a powerful figure who Unleashes his/her full potential.

It's not just about me or you, we are not living alone in this world. Besides color, race, and language one thing we all have in common, we are Humans and that's enough reason to IMU


Big Decisions:

Realizing I have to create a real clothing brand came with the following:

1. Ordering a lot of samples and making great products 2. Building inventory

both required a lot of money and I started to fear the risk and that's when I read a quote

“I knew that if I failed I wouldn't regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” Jeff Bezos

That's when I realized that real regret is looking back at myself and wondering where could I have been now if I just took this risk.

Next day, I was doing my morning workout and heared a motivation quote 'Start your day with a win'.

I ran back home and deposited half of my savings to the supplier knowing I did the right thing...


Once I recevied the big packages I was so excited. Finally the time has came!

I talked to a photographer, models, studios and gyms to start creating highly-produced photoshoots to build the website, social media and have a good start off the ground.


Here I am now:

Still learning how to grow GUFIT till one day I achieve one of my biggest dreams, taking GUFIT and the message all over the world where they deserve to be not just by clothing, but supplements, and physical gyms.

It all wouldn't happen without the support from my parents, great people I've met, and you, the reader.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story, It's not over yet. It's just the begging.


If you have any thoughts or questions please please, email me here: daniel@gufit.co

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