GUFIT's Garment Care Guide - Must Read

GUFIT's Garment Care Guide - Must Read - GUFIT

I have done my best to produce quality garments. From designing, sourcing, sampling, and testing garments for months it's all done with you the buyer, athlete, and user of our products in mind.

I want you to have the best experience possible with our products and part of it relies on you.

Taking care of your clothing pieces is just as important as wearing them and expecting them to function as described.

The three main points to take care of any valuable clothing piece (Not just GUFIT) are: Wash cold, flip inside-out and hang to dry


1. Wash Cold

Washing on a cold cycle will prevent your garments from shrinking, fading, and sometimes damaging printed branding on the garment due to heat. In addition, not all stains respond to hot water. Cold water is more likely to reduce wrinkles.


2. Flip Inside-out

Flipping your garments inside-out will do the following: 

  • Prevent damage on the outer side of the garment. This will protect logo printing and other unique elements from falling off or fading since it will reduce contact with the washer
  • Increase contact between detergent and dirty parts of the garment since most of the odor is in the inner side of the garment. Flipping the garment before washing will freshen it up
  • Prevent linting and peelling. Reducing contact between the garment and the washer will ensure it won't lint or peel off


3. Hang to dry

Hanging your garments to dry will prevent heat damage caused by dryers.

Dryers on a hot cycle have the same negative effect on garments as hot water. It will cause shrinking, fading, and sometimes damaging prints and unique elements on the outer part of the garment.

**If you have to use a dryer to dry immediately it is suggested to flip the garment inside-out and use the lowest heat settings like Air Fluff & Delicate

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