Are MEN getting weaker ?

Are men getting weaker than ever !

In most men's early 20's lifting weights, drinking several times a week, partying and hanging out at least five times a week are common things to be doing.


No ambition, no goals. And now this along with other issues for men are causing men to be weaker and less masculine than ever.

Are men drifting further away from the positive aspects of masculinity?

Depression, anxiety and obesity are taking over most men out there!


We believe there are 3 key factors causing this weakness to men.

Starting by number one which is..

No source of motivation. Lacking motivation is now common due to the surrounding environment.

Basically anything can be done in two ways.

EASY way and The HARD way

The hard way is the long term goal, will not happen overnight but requires consistent hard work in order to reach your goal.

Most often it is chosen by successful REAL Men, Why? Because they strive to learn and improve and following an easy path will not do that.

Easy way on the other side is the go to for most men, "Why would I do it the hard way when there is an easy way"

But what most don't know is, it is a short term goal that will satisfy their needs for an event or a short period of time. That's when motivation is killed by the presence of the easy way.

Taking us to number two which is..

Exercise and self-control. A lot of men have now neglected these two important habits because it is possible for them to do so. But how?

Back in the day men used to get their own needs by working hard for it and fighting hard to keep their family safe it required strong physical health
and self control

That is why we introduced Predator Collection, an inspiration to work hard and keep fighting.

Now days technology is making it easier so "Why do I need to work hard?" .

That is where the difference between average and successful men is revealed. It is not just about working hard. Successful men are aware that hard work pays off sooner or later.

Last but not least..

Comfort zone. Less men these days try to step outside their comfort zone. Why?

Basically society and businesses are working towards serving pleasure and services on a silver plate in a return of money.

So most men are trapped in working for money and paying it back for their pleasure.

That is when goals and ambition are killed.

Successful men break this formula and make their own path towards success.

Let's face it, it needs to stop!

And it requires motivation so GUfit offers you to sign up with your email and receive motivational quotes and stories. We would love to receive emails with your story too weather it is a video of you talking or a written email. 

We work towards improving our society and breaking all the wrong formulas

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