Bench Obsession

It all started when I started lifting. Chest day was like my Holy day of the week, I must sleep well, eat a good pre-workout meal, and head to the gym full of power and potential.

Then it is time for what I was waiting for the whole week, the moment when I unrack the 50lb dumbbells to start benching. Too light ain't it?

Counts 1... 2.. 3, falls on my face! Embarrassing right?

I kept doing it consistently and I would barely make any progress which was very stressful and depressing for me until I started to surf the internet and search for ways to make it.

I learned some techniques which helped me until I was able to dumbbell press with 75lb easily BUT, I am never satisfied I started to go heavier with 90lb, I made it but every time I was afraid to fail it

I failed it multiple times so, I learned a Life-Changing lesson...

Bench Press using the bar was the key, it kept my arms on a limited path and will improve my overall strength.

I used to be obsessed with dumbbells instead since I thought has a bigger range of motion and hits my chest more.

I started with the bar, never easy it was!

It took me 5 months to make it. I was able to bench 265lb on the bar which was a great achievement for me.

Back to dumbbells, I am at the heaviest pair of dumbbells in my club!

Wow, Isn't that crazy! I was like... You did it...120s


During this time I was able to gain experience for improving my strength and most importantly my bench press.

Let me offer them to you guys

First, is your position on the bench. It is very important..

A flat back is a big "NO NO" instead you should maintain an arch in your lower back and in order to do this 


Start by positioning your eyes right under the bar with a slightly wide grip, then put both of your feet on the bar and lift your butt for an arch.

This was really helpful for me to unrack heavy loaded bars!

Unrack the bar and put your legs back on the floor with control one and other. 

Now you should have a good arch, legs positioned and ready to blow. Take a deep breath, fill your core and keep it tight.

Start by your feet first, push them hard against the floor and keep your arch maintained DO NOT over do the arch.

Now with all of the power is pushing from your legs and back start the descending process.

Keep it slow and firmly held with a slightly wide grip. Do not move in a straight path instead move it down and slightly to the front ⬊ then push the weight in the same path up ⬉.

Should the bar touch my chest ?

My humble answer is yes, for the full range of motion but, I used to be uncomfortable doing it, we all have different arm sizes and shoulders. 

My shoulder always hurt me doing it so I started to stop above my chest with 1-3 inches which is fine. It just depends on the body dimensions and previous injuries if there is any.

Make sure you send me an email if you have any comments or questions.

I am not a personal trainer but sharing good experience with people is worthy, isn't it? 

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